Computer Facilities Management

Copper River’s computer facilities management (CFM) solution includes interactive and batch data processing, data storage and retrieval, system diagnostics and maintenance, and network management. Typically, our CFM solution tracks and maintains the following core facilities items:

• Strategic Planning - real estate, business operations, headcount requirements, forecasting future space
• Space Planning & Management - allocations, inventory, classifications
• People Management - occupant, vendors, staffing
• Maintenance Management - demand and scheduled (preventive maintenance)
• Emergency Management - disaster planning and recovery, safety information
• Capital Project Management - construction/renovation, move management
• Lease Management - property financial data
• Asset Management - equipment, furniture, telecommunications, cabling
• Sustainability - energy performance, sustainability projects

Copper River conducts a four-phase process that clearly outlines the CFM solution process from start to finish. 

Needs Analysis
Solution Design
Post-Implementation Support
  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Opportunity Analysis
    • Resource Analysis
    • Data Requirements
    • Data Access and Flow
    • Training Requirements
    • Implementation Plan and Analysis Report


  • System Design
  • Standards Development
  • Software Personalization
  • Procedures Guide


  • Software Installation
  • Data Development and/or Integration
  • Report Production
  • User Training


  • Technical Support
  • Review and Evaluation
  • System Enhancements
  • Supplementary User Training